About Us

Lets get the job done. OneTalent is a dynamic ICT agency offers innovative solutions on every angle. Our consultants are specilising on Digital recruitment, Application development, emerging technology, CRM solutions and end to end project management. We are here to help.

We are pioneering
Digital Recruitment and ICT Consultancy.

OneTalent is a leading-edge ICT consultancy and digital recruitment service provider based in Canberra, ACT, Australia. Our consultants come from various technology backgrounds and we as a team solve complex challenges that can’t be solved by others. With our innovative vision, agility and commitment, we enable our clients to achieve their goals.

We are a young and dynamic ICT agency specialising digital transformation and labour hire digital recruitment services. It is our goal to connect with Australian government and other private organisation across the globe and provide technology services to drive them towards their vision.

Our Core values

OneTalent comes with dedication and our hardwork beats others when they fail to work hard.


At OneTalent, we are inclusive and promote equal opportunity regardless of gender, generation, culture and race. Work-life balance is our key for our employees.


At OneTalent, we are agile, dynamic and being adaptive to change and innovative ideas. Our desire to go beyond our ability to deliver excellent services which benefit our clients.


At OneTalent, we are working with honesty and integrity. We strongly believe in providing transparent service. When you deal with us you can expect direct conversations to eliminate any ambiguities and deliver the very best outcome.

Industry Professionals From Across Australia

We service our clients from a range of locations across Australia. Our consultants are professional, flexible and calm to assist anytime when needed. At OneTalent, our focus is to provide the best service that you won’t be able to find from other organisation. Reach out to us today and let’s start working together.

People Who Love Our Place

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